User and Clinical Testimonials

Dr. Kevin Maloney, Chiropractor

"...I continue to believe that eQ fills a significant need in a way that no other product does and the growing shift towards standup workstations creates a sizeable and growing opportunity."

Sheilia - teacher's assistant

"When I started using the eQuilibrium I was very skeptical that it would maybe eliminate my back pain... The first time I used this device I was amazed! I was comfortable, the stress on my knees was eliminated, and I had no back pain. I knew after only using this device once, that I had to have one in my kitchen."


John Berezowski, Veterinary Doctor
I wish to thank you once again for allowing me to use the Deltabalance eQ SLS chair/stool/perch. I think it has really helped me. It took some time for me to develop the strength to use it for a full day, but now I use it constantly when I'm in my office. I've also increased my exercise level in an effort to reduce the risk of future back pain episodes. And thankfully I've been pain free. Thanks again.

Shirl Alexander

Hi Gordon,
It has been going pretty well……I chose to place the eQ Sliver in my bathroom so I could use it when I was doing my make-up and hair in the morning. It has definitely engaged me in doing my calf stretches, as it’s quite handy there. I could have used a little steeper grade to get a bit more of a stretch, but the fact that it was so handy that I did them more often has made up a bit for having a more gradual slope than what I am used to (and I’m guessing that a higher grade would make it perhaps not slip under a standard counter). I do believe doing the stretches more consistently on the eQ Sliver has been helpful to my feet. Because of my foot problems, my therapist has, in the past, instructed me to stretch my calves for extended periods of 5 minutes or so……being able to do it while doing my make-up etc makes the time go a lot faster than a wedge in front of a wall…

Aesthetically, I like it because it can sit in my room permanently…the low profile means it’s not overly noticeable, and other people can go in and out of the bathroom easily without tripping over it.


eQuilibrium® as a Therapy Tool

Craig Brososky, Physical Therapist, Edmonton

"I love the eQ because it is simple and effective. My clients can progress at their own pace once they are familiar with it's use. It is stable and safe and carries virtually no risk of injury as the platform is stable and stationary. At the same time it can be easily progressed from simple to complex and from easy to difficult. It also provides a rest position for low back and lower extremity disorders while never having to actually leave the platform. It looks good and performs well.

It has consistently surprised my clients with low back and lower extremity conditions in its ability to effectively progress ability, strength and stability. It is particularly good for early intervention rehabilitation for lower extremity injury (significant sprains/strains/derangements and post-surgical). It is surprisingly good at recruiting postural muscles to help stabilize the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine as well as the hip and rest of the lower extremity.

It provides a needed alternative to the BOSU, wobble boards, Fitter sled and foam cores to help clients begin the process of early self-actualization and self-regulated progression. Once clients 'get it' they are 'off and running' and it sets the stage in the early phases of recovery for a good prognosis of self-managed and client directed care. I have yet to put someone on the eQ that did not benefit from it."


Heather Velders-Guenet, teacher assistant

I had been a chronic sufferer of back pain for over 10 years. Every time the pain returned it got progressively worse. In the Spring of 2011 it became extremely debilitating. Then, I met with Gordon Lamont and he introduced me to Deltabalance products and AMP (Appropriate Movement Program).


After just a couple of weeks, I could see vast improvement. I was now able to actually bend! My physical restrictions started to disappear and I became stronger. With the use of the AMP “slings” and the eQuilibrium platform, I continue to be pain free now after 10 months. This program has restored my sanity. The back pain no longer consumes my life and I’m able to do regular exercise. I sincerely recommend this program to anyone who suffers with back pain.

Paul Rutherford - Farmer
Marsden, Saskatchewan

I am a 55 year old farmer. I have a mixed cattle and grain operation. In October of 2000 I injured my lower back. I was diagnosed with having a herniated disc which was putting pressure on the sciatic nerve. I was in very severe pain and I had numbness and diminished use of my right leg and foot. Along with physiotherapy and medication, I was using the platform for relief of pain. I could not sit, lie down or stand for any length of time. I could however stand on the platform for lengthy periods of time throughout the day and night and find relief. I had surgery in early December of 2000 and I continued to use the platform extensively during my recovery. Post-surgery I was unable to sit for any length of time, however, I found that the platform relaxed my back muscles and enhanced my progress. After returning to work I continued to use it to alleviate stiffness and pain. To this day I still use it when I have overdone it at work and am hurting or stiff. I am very grateful to Deltabalance designers for introducing me to this rehabilitation tool. I would highly recommend it for both prevention and rehabilitation.


Chris Moore,

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)

...I have been using your eQ SLS1 for probably two years now, and would not go back to a traditional chair. I am in front of a computer a good part of the day, and find that the standing/perching position makes me move around and shift positions regularly. It did take some getting used to - as discussed, my legs were tired for the first little while, but once I got used to it, I find it very comfortable.

What got me started on it was the fact that I had had sciatica for the better part of a year. A combination of stretching exercises, massage and chiropractic cleared it up, but I found that if I sat for long periods, it would act up again. Since I've been using the EQ, I have had no problems. About me - I'm 48 years old, 6'1", 170 lbs., and fairly fit.

Les Smith,
Operations Manager, PowerComm Inc.

I have been employed at PowerComm Inc. as the Valve Operations Manager for the last 5 years. My duties have included working at my desk or on the computer for extended time periods, a common practice for most managers, long hours sitting at a desk or a workstation with your PC. I was getting greater lower back discomfort, my shoulders and upper arms would stiffen and I always felt tired. My other concern was that I was starting to feel the damaging effects of carpal tunnel syndrome in my left wrist.


Deltabalance suggested I try using a eQ SLS1 Original Prototype that could alleviate all of these issues for a trial period of 3-4 weeks to allow my body to adjust to the new environment. Within 2 weeks, I found that my posture improved, all the discomfort of working in a sitting position was gone and I seldom sat at my desk anymore. I am now more comfortable working in a standing position, and I seldom sit at my desk. I moved my phone, daytimer, and immediate files onto the eQ SLS1, which I find very convenient to work at.

I would recommend the eQ3 as an ergonomic alternative as I have found real comfort benefits from it and that it’s a positive influence on my physical health.

Andrea Kaye-Breytenbach

Alta-Sask Sports Physiotherapy & Wellness Inc.

"We have been using the platofrm in our clinical facility for many years now. When used in succession, they are a great uneven ground similator offering a wide variety of angles and approaches to challenge any or all of the lower body extremity joints or improve core stability. They can also be used for upper extremity injury rehab with different angles of stretch and weight bearing in the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand."

Jose Sanchez (Machinist)
PowerComm Inc., Edmonton - Alberta

My name is Jose Sanchez; I am 56 years old and work for PowerComm Inc. for several years. I suffer from hereditary varicose veins. When I am standing for too long in a same position my feet and legs start to swell and get very tired. For the last couple of years I have used in my workstation a special platform (eQ3) from Deltabalance made out of fiberglass which have given me positive results. The pain in my legs and feet are gone and at the end of my shift I do not feel tired as I used to. Also my spinal column does not fell the effects of being standing for 8 hours as before. I believe that this platform is a good solution for several physical problems like mine.

Lynda Kirk

I just wanted to let you know what your eQ has done for me. Since I have started using this apparatus I am pain free. I had back pain that travelled up to my shoulder & neck. I had tried everything possible. I tried physio, massage, chiropractor, all of which would relieve the pain for a couple of days. I could not walk any longer than 10 minutes when I would have to sit down to relieve the pain.


I have placed your eQ in my kitchen (as this is where I spend most of my time) either cooking, doing dishes etc. It has been a miracle and my back pain is gone...If it does return after lifting something heavy or carrying something I just do the exercises you demonstrated and I am relieved. Once again I thank you for this wonderful product and would recommend everyone have one.

Sheila McFadzen

I have been using the eQuilibrium for a few years now and would not be without it! While I use it everyday, it is especially helpful when making special meals such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, etc., as I spend the majority of the day in front of the sink or counter in a very comfortable position. It’s great to be able to sit down and enjoy the meal without feeling the aches and pains from working all day. I am very fortunate to also have an eQuilibrium in my sewing room, where I stand for long periods of time measuring and cutting material for quilting projects.

Dr. Shrawan Kumar, PhD, DSc, FErgS
Professor, Ergonomics Research Laboratory
Department of Physical Therapy
University of Alberta

Visitors are always curious of this device in our house and upon using it, for only a few minutes, realize how comfortable they feel and how it does eliminate strain on their legs and back. I know of many people, both at home and in the work force, that would welcome the relief that the eQuilibrium brings.

"It clearly demonstrates while standing downslope one reduces the EMG demands and lumbosacral compression. Lumbosacral compression is the most important biomechanical variable related to the causation of low back pain. A significant reduction in compressive load relieves the spine providing a scientific rationale for the sustained use of this device to relieve chronic low back pain"

Jack P. Callaghan PhD, CK, CCPE
Canada Research Chair in Spine Biomechanics and Injury Prevention Department of Kinesiology
Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
University of Waterloo

"The eQ Almond introduces changes that result in beneficial reductions in low back pain during prolonged standing. These positive findings were supported in the exit survey satisfaction rating with 87.5% of all participants indicating that they would use the eQ Almond if they were in an occupational setting that required prolonged standing work".