Products uniquely designed & clinically tested to relieve back pain while standing!

About Deltablance



Deltabalance is a privately held company incorporated by Mr. Gordon Lamont, Founder and President in Alberta, Canada in 1992. We focus on creating quality-of-life tools for health and wellness of the human musculoskeletal system. Our goal is To enhance human performance naturally and improve quality of life.


In the last several years eQuilibrium® products have gained scientific validation and established a solid history of use in the cause of Musculoskeletal Health and Rehabilitation. Clinical study through faculties of Applied Health Sciences and Rehabilitation Medicine at a few of Canada's leading Universities have proven beyond a doubt the efficacy of eQuilibrium® products.


Physical Therapy Professionals in Canada and Abroad have been utilizing eQ products as effective tools for their clients. Ordinary people in a wide variety of environments are enjoying the use of eQ products and every day we learn more about their positive effects.


We believe that the eQuilibrium®, using non exertional activity for natural relief of back pain, will become the future of Anti Fatigue Standing Technology. Proven results show Deltabalance's eQ technology to be an essential tool for improved musculoskeletal health and productivity.