Stand in comfort! Stand without fatique!

What It Does:
As the individual engages eQ1 their physical center of gravity is shifted, offering increased upright stability. This change causes a small but sustainable increase of muscle fiber activity in the muscles acting as stabilizers for upright posture. This enables the individual to control their upright stability and comfort for long periods with little or no fatigue.


Being on eQ1 promotes intuitive stretching and flexing of all joints and connective tissue from the bottom of the feet to the top of the spinal column. This leads to improved postural balance and overall musculoskeletal health.

As the individual spends time on eQ1 their musculoskeletal system is continuously loaded/ charged differently than standing on a flat surface in a way that increases stability around the pelvic region. Over time, a few days to a few weeks, movement and balance on eQ1 becomes intuitive. After this brief introductory period the individual can learn to gently stretch or flex the body’s upright multi posture muscle groups while they accomplish their work tasks. This behavior promotes increased muscle activity that is comforting, physically gratifying and regenerative.

Specific Benefits:
  • eQ1 use provides relief from back pain
  • eQ1 allows the user to relax the back.
  • Relieves sore feet and hips
  • Engaging eQ is an energy positive experience
  • eQ1 will allow frequent change of position with comfort and ease
  • eQ1 allows the user to stretch problem areas with relative ease
  • eQ1 influences an increase in vascular activity in lower-body
  • Long term use of eQ1 helps the individual maintain upright stability at a low physical cost, reducing fatigue during work hours.
  • Long term use of eQ1 will improve overall proprioceptive balance
  • eQ1 will help increase individual productivity


Examples of Use

  • Bathroom and kitchen sinks - kitchen counters
  • Preparation stations
  • Work Shop Counters
  • Shipping Receiving Station
  • Computer Stations
  • Design stations
  • Store Counters
  • Checkout counters
  • Service counters

""I chose to place the eQ Sliver in my bathroom… It has definitely engaged me in doing my calf stretches… I do believe doing the stretches more consistently on the Sliver has been helpful to my feet… I like it because it can sit in my bathroom permanently…the low profile means it’s not overly noticeable, and other people can go in and out of the bathroom easily without tripping over it"...
Shirley, Administrator
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Who Should Use the eQ1 Sliver

The eQ Sliver (Under the Counter Sliver), used for upslope standing only, while at the bathroom or kitchen sink or preparation counter.

The Sliver allows the user to stabilize the lower back while in a forward bending postion.