Stand in comfort! Stand without fatique!

What It Does:
As the individual engages eQ2 Almond, their physical center of gravity is shifted, offering increased upright stability. This change causes a small but sustainable increase of muscle fiber activity in the muscles acting as stabilizers for upright posture. This enables the individual to control their upright stability and comfort for long periods with little or no fatigue.


Standing on eQ promotes increased muscle activity that is comforting, physically gratifying and regenerative.  

As the individual spends time on eQ their musculoskeletal system is continuously engaged differently than standing on a flat surface in a way that increases stability around the ankles, knees, pelvis and hips. Over time, a few days to a few weeks, overall stability improves and movement and balance on eQ becomes intuitive

Specific Benefits:

  • eQ1 use provides relief from back pain
  • eQ reduces fatigue during work hours.
  • eQ use increases productivity

Who Should Use the eQuilibrium® eQ2 Almond?

You should, if you: Experience back pain, Stand for prolonged periods, You want to relax your back.

Typical occupations that can benefit from the eQ2 Almond:
Machinists, Manufacturing assembly workers, Shipper Receivers, Security personnel, Retail & Other - For those working on their feet looking for a "comfort station", Postal station Workers, Other Mailroom & Package Sorters Public Spaces - reception areas, information kiosks, waiting lines for events and Trade show exhibitors and event companies.


"When I stand on my eQ Almond behind my counter at my Tanning Salon it relieves the pressure on my lower back and allows me to stand for longer periods more comfortably than ever before. It just makes being at work more enjoyable!"...
Virginia, Tanning Salon Owner
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